List of Accepted Papers at ICFP'04

Slideshow: Functional Presentations
Robert Bruce Findler and Matthew Flatt

Functional Morphology

Markus Forsberg and Aarne Ranta

Types for Path Correctness for XML Queries

Dario Colazzo, Giorgio Ghelli, Paolo Mangh, and Carlo Sartiani

Regular Expression Patterns

Niklas Broberg, Andreas Farre, and Josef Svenningsson,

Multi-return function call

Olin Shivers and David Fisher

Implementing Functional Logic Languages Using Multiple Threads and Stores

Andrew Tolmach, Sergio Antoy, and Marius Nita

Generics for the masses

Ralf Hinze

Scrap more boilerplate: reflection, zips, and generalised casts

Ralf Laemmel and Simon Peyton Jones

Making a fast curry: Push/enter vs eval/apply for higher-order languages

Simon Marlow and Simon Peyton Jones

Improving Static Analysis via Partial Evaluation for Embedded Languages

David Herman and Philippe Meunier

Searching for Deadlocks while Debugging Concurrent Haskell Programs

Jan Christiansen and Frank Huch

A Nanopass Infrastructure for Compiler Education

Dipanwita Sarkar, Oscar Waddell, and R. Kent Dybvig

Monadic Regions

Matthew Fluet and Greg Morrisett

Translating Dependency into Parametricity

Stephen Tse and Steve Zdancewic

A Type-Theoretic Foundation of Continuations and Prompts

Zena Ariola, Hugo Herbelin, and Amr Sabry

Relating Models of Backtracking

Mitchell Wand and Dale Vaillancourt

Types, potency, and impotency: Why nonlinearity and amnesia make a type system work

Peter Møller Neergaard and Harry Mairson

Numbering Matters: First Order Canonical Forms for Second-Order Recursive Types

Nadji Gauthier and François Pottier

Process Logic and Duality

Kohei Honda

Verification of Safety Properties for Concurrent Assembly Code

Dachuan Yu and Zhong Shao

A Sound (and Complete) Model for Contracts

Matthias Blume and David McAllester