ICFP 2008 : The 13th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
September 22-24, 2008

Final Program

Monday, September 22
Invited Talk (chair: Peter Thiemann)
9:00 Lazy and Speculative Execution in Computer Systems
  Butler Lampson;
Microsoft Research
10:00 Break
Session 1 (chair: Martin Sulzmann)
10:30 Flux: FunctionaL Updates for XML
  James Cheney;
University of Edinburgh
10:55 Typed Iterators for XML
  Giuseppe Castagna1 and Kim Nguyen2;
1PPS (CNRS) - Université Paris 7 - Paris, France, 2LRI - Université Paris-Sud 11 - Orsay, France
11:20 Break
Session 2 (chair: Matthew Fluet)
11:50 Aura: A Programming Language for Authorization and Audit
  Limin Jia, Jeffrey Vaughan, Karl Mazurak, Jianzhou Zhao, Luke Zarko, Joseph Schorr, Steve Zdancewic;
University of Pennsylvania
12:15 The Power of Pi
  Nicolas Oury and Wouter Swierstra;
University of Nottingham
12:40 Lunch break
Session 3 (chair: Ralf Hinze)
14:00 Type Checking with Open Type Functions
  Tom Schrijvers1, Simon Peyton Jones2, Manuel Chakravarty3, Martin Sulzmann4;
1K.U.Leuven, 2Microsoft Research Cambridge, 3UNSW, Sydney, 4ITU, Denmark
14:25 Graphic Type Constraints and Efficient Type Inference: from ML to MLF
  Boris Yakobowski and Didier Remy;
14:50 Break
Session 4 (chair: Tim Sheard)
15:20 A Type-Preserving Compiler in Haskell
  Louis-Julien Guillemette and Stefan Monnier;
de Montréal
15:45 Experience Report: Playing the DSL Card, A Domain Specific Language for Component Configuration
  Mark Jones;
Portland State University
16:05 Generic Discrimination--Sorting and Partitioning Unshared Data in Linear Time
  Fritz Henglein;
DIKU, University of Copenhagen
16:30 Break
Session 5 (chair: Norman Ramsey)
17:00 Transactional Events for ML
  Laura Effinger-Dean, Matthew Kehrt, Dan Grossman;
University of Washington
17:25 Experience Report: Erlang in Acoustic Ray Tracing
  Christian Convey1, Andrew Fredricks1, Christopher Gagner1, Douglas Maxwell1, Lutz Hamel2;
1Naval Undersea Warfare Centers, RI, USA, 2Dept. of Computer Science and Statistics, University of Rhode Island
17:45 Implicitly-threaded parallelism in Manticore
  Matthew Fluet1, Mike Rainey2, John Reppy2, Adam Shaw2;
1Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, 2University of Chicago
18:10 PC chair's report

Tuesday, September 23
Invited Talk (chair: James Hook)
9:00 Defunctionalized Interpreters for Higher-Order Languages
  Olivier Danvy;
University of Aarhus
10:00 Break
Session 6 (chair: Andrew Tolmach)
10:30 Parametric Higher-Order Abstract Syntax for Mechanized Semantics
  Adam Chlipala;
Harvard University
10:55 Typed Closure Conversion Preserves Observational Equivalence
  Amal Ahmed and Matthias Blume;
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
11:20 Break
Session 7 (chair: Manuel Chakravarty)
11:50 Write it Recursively: A Generic Framework for Optimal Path Queries
  Akimasa Morihata, Kiminori Matsuzaki, Masato Takeichi;
University of Tokyo
12:15 Efficient Nondestructive Equality Checking for Trees and Graphs
  Michael D. Adams and R. Kent Dybvig;
Indiana University
12:40 Lunch break
Session 8 (chair: Zhenjiang Hu)
14:00 Functional Pearl: Streams and Unique Fixed Points
  Ralf Hinze, University of Oxford
14:25 Data-Flow Testing of Declarative Programs
  Sebastian Fischer1 and Herbert Kuchen2;
1University of Kiel, 2University of Münster
14:50 Break
Session 9 (chair: Andrew Kennedy)
15:20 Functional Translation of a Calculus of Capabilities
  Arthur Charguéraud and François Pottier;
15:45 Experience Report: Paradise: A Two-Stage DSL Embedded in Haskell
  Lennart Augustsson, Howard Mansell, Ganesh Sittampalam;
Credit Suisse
16:05 Ynot: Reasoning with the Awkward Squad
  Aleksandar Nanevski1, Greg Morrisett2, Avi Shinnar2, Paul Govereau2, Lars Birkedal3;
1Microsoft Research, Cambridge, 2Harvard University, 3IT University, Copenhagen
16:30 Break
Session 10 (chair: Michael Sperber)
17:00 A Scheduling Framework for General-Purpose Parallel Languages
  Matthew Fluet1, Michael Rainey2, John Reppy2;
1Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, 2University of Chicago
17:25 Space Profiling for Parallel Functional Programs
  Daniel Spoonhower1, Guy E. Blelloch1, Robert Harper1, Phillip B. Gibbons2;
1Carnegie Mellon University, 2Intel Reseach Pittsburgh
17:50 Short Break
Awards and Announcements (chair: Kevin Millikin)
18:00 ICFP 2009 Announcement
  Phil Wadler
18:10 Most Influential ICFP'98 Paper Award
  Kathleen Fisher
18:20 Report on the Eleventh ICFP Programming Contest
  Tim Sheard, Tim Chevalier, Chuan-kai Lin, Garrett Morris, Emerson Murphy-Hill, Andy Gill, John Reppy, Lars Bergstrom, Mike Rainey, Adam Shaw, Virgil Gheorghiu;
Portland State University, University of Chicago

Wednesday, September 24
Invited Talk (chair: Mitchell Wand)
9:00 Polymorphism and Page Tables--Systems Programming From a Functional Programmer's Perspective
  Mark Jones;
Portland State University
10:00 Break
Session 11 (chair: Fritz Henglein)
10:30 Pattern Minimization Problems over Recursive Data Types
  Alexander Krauss;
TU München
10:55 Deciding kCFA is complete for EXPTIME
  David Van Horn and Harry Mairson;
Brandeis University
11:20 Break
Session 12 (chair: Derek Dreyer)
11:50 HMF: Simple Type Inference for First-Class Polymorphism
  Daan Leijen;
Microsoft Research
12:15 FPH: First-class Polymorphism for Haskell
  Dimitrios Vytiniotis1, Stephanie Weirich1, Simon Peyton Jones2;
1University of Pennsylvania, 2Microsoft Research
12:40 Lunch break
Session 13 (chair: Chung-chieh Shan)
14:00 Mixin' Up the ML Module System
  Derek Dreyer and Andreas Rossberg;
14:25 Compiling Self-Adjusting Programs with Continuations
  Ruy Ley-Wild1, Matthew Fluet2, Umut Acar2;
1Carnegie Mellon University, 2Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
14:50 Break
Session 14 (chair: Henrik Nilsson)
15:20 Flask: Staged Functional Programming for Sensor Networks
  Geoffrey Mainland, Greg Morrisett, Matt Welsh;
Harvard University
15:45 Experience Report: A Pure Shirt Fits Reflections on Haskell at Bluespec
  Ravi Nanavati;
Bluespec, Inc.
16:05 Functional Netlists
  Sungwoo Park, Jinha Kim, Hyeonseung Im;
Pohang University of Science and Technology
16:30 Break
Session 15 (chair: Kathleen Fisher)
17:00 NixOS: A Purely Functional Linux Distribution
  Eelco Dolstra1 and Andres Löh2;
1Delft University of Technology, 2Utrecht University
17:25 Experience Report: Visualizing Data through Functional Pipelines
  David Duke1, Rita Borgo1, Colin Runciman2, Malcolm Wallace2;
1University of Leeds, UK, 2University of York, UK
17:45 Quotient Lenses
  J. Nathan Foster1, Alexandre Pilkiewicz2, Benjamin C. Pierce1;
1University of Pennsylvania, 2Ecole Polytechnique
18:10 Closing

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Matthew Fluet, ICFP Publicity Chair